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Communications and Networking equipments:

Cisco Router, Cisco Switch and Cicso Interface card and cable

Memotec Router, cable and interface card

Imagestream Routers


Olivetti Slip Printer PR4

Olivetti Office Printer

Olivetti PassBook Printer PR2 Plus, PR2, PR2E

IBM 9068 Passbook Printer Model A01/A03,

Unisys Passbook Printer, EF4565, EF95xx, Compuprint

HP Deskjet and Laser Printer

Tandem Printer, Genicom Printer

POS Printer, Bar Code Scanner, POS Equipments ( NCR, IBM, Unisys, Olivetti, POS-X, OEM)

Netgear, 3com, D-link, Linksys, LAN Card:

Consumer Electronics/Electrical:

Motherboards, Hard Drive, CPU, Optical Drive , PC Case , Mouse, Keyboard, Power Supply, etc, UPS, Voltage Regulator, OEM Parts and original

Banking/Financial Equipments:

ATM Machines ( NCR, Diebold, Siemens, Tidel, Hyosung) Refurbished or new

ATM parts, Currency Cassette, Card Reader, Receipt/Journal printer, etc

Check Reader/Imaging Scanner (CTS Electronics)

Card Embosser, Encoder machine, coin and bill counter

ATM Security and surveilance camera and software, Photo ID System and Printer

Data Encryption Equipment HSM ( Safenet, HP Atalla), Ribbon and Spare Parts



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